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Barkley’s Home Grown

We provide families with locally grown meat, vegetables, and citrus fruits.

Four cows in a field.

Know where your food comes from.

When purchasing food from the grocery store, you might often wonder where it came from or who raised it. If you’ve ever tasted locally raised food compared to the grocery store, you know there’s a huge difference in taste. Our locally raised meats, vegetables, and citrus will have you craving good food again.

Barkley’s Home Grown

We raise beef, pork, vegetables, and citrus fruit for families looking for a healthier option. Trusting where your food comes from is important to our customers. Once you’ve had locally grown food, you will never want to go back to the grocery store. We sell beef, pork, vegetables, and citrus fruits to our local community. 

Our Ranch and Greenhouse

We are celebrating our 100th year anniversary here at the ranch this year. We’ve had the honor to continue to raise amazing cattle and continue taking care of the land. After finishing putting up our greenhouse in 2021, we plan on selling vegetables in the coming years and establishing our citrus trees. Until then, feel free to buy some home grown beef as we have some in stock and ready for purchase! 




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