Direct from our Family to yours.

Barkley’s Home Grown is proud to offer a wide variety of products to our customers near and far. Knowing where and how your products are raised makes all the difference in taste. 

Beef and Pork
Whole, Half, and Quarter

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Other Ranch

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Quality Montana Beef
Specialty and Single Cuts

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Our beef has been raised using regenerative practices for the last 20+ years. We believe sustainability is important in order to take care of the land. Once you take care of the land, the land takes care of you. 
Our beef is of high quality, and your family will love the taste!

Our pork is raised in a free farmed setting, meaning they have a small paddock with shelter that they can go in and out of to get food and water. This allows for optimum muscle to fat ratios, which in turn allows for a great tasting product that is sure to wow your family.

Due to the quantity of  meat that is included with these products, we are only able to provide local delivery and pickup around the Baker, Mt area.


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